Mic Boogie Bio

Mic Boogie embodies the word artist. His rhythmic verse expresses true passion and is a testament to his dedication and love of music. He knocks out earth moving beats and combines them with rhythmic flows like an urban poet. The result is a sound of his own, one that speaks to his audience directly through rhyme and music.

“I give energy back during a show, I try to engage the audience.” He explains, “ The word ‘MC’ means Master of Ceremonies, and I take that title seriously.”

A suburban upbringing inspires Mic’s writing — days of listening to hip hop and rock in the blue collar streets of Oshawa — he draws from that along with his current life experience's. This Oshawa-born rapper is no stranger to the music business. He had seminal mentors that let him into the scene early, especially when they discovered what a prolific writer he is. He soon learned how to lay down his jams leading to his first album “That's Me” which includes hits like "Good Look", produced by Boi 1Da.

This early groundwork laid the foundation to work up to where he is today. From the US to France to India, the global audience has embraced his unmistakable flow. And his star is only rising.

Mic Boogie has been working on a second album (Mr. Boogie). It sizzles with tracks and remixes with killer collabs and star turns by producers like DJ Lethal and Rich Kidd. The result of the album features outstanding lyrics delivered smoothly with a mellow vibe on some tracks and spitting party rhymes on others.

He has the confidence onstage of a musical maestro. In his own words, this is when he comes alive.

“You give me a mic, you give me lights, a stage, an opportunity, then that’s what I’m going to do. That’s where I’m most comfortable.” Mic recalls the first musicians that inspired him. Particularly the solo acts like Big Daddy Kane and Ice T. “It was just them and their persona, maybe a few dancers or a DJ, but that was it.”

The word “flow” is used to describe rap words in hip hop today. But envision how music flows from a musical artist, unending and passionate. That is Mic Boogie.